Travel Blogging for Students Abroad

Posted on August 19, 2011


A travel blog is a great way to keep your friends and family updated on your time abroad. It’s also a fast and easy way to document your thoughts, feelings, sights and smells, so that you can preserve precious memories from your trip. But how do you stay motivated to blog while you travel?

By Alex DiGregorio

Many travelers who launch new blogs enthusiastically soon find that enthusiasm fading. It’s hard to remember to update your blog when you are busy studying at your foreign university, meeting cool people, or planning weekend or side trips. Writing a blog is something that may start out as a mode of communication with family and friends at home, but as you continue to write and find your own voice, your blog will hold much more meaning for you and your readers. It can also serve as a treasure trove of memories for plotting your experience abroad. Here are several tips on how to maintain your blog so that you will enjoy writing it and your readers will anxiously await the next post.

  1. Pick and Know Your Blog Site. Before you begin your journey, pick a website to host your blog. Don’t try to launch one as you’re going through university orientation and learning your way around a new city. Tumblr, blogspot and wordpress are popular platforms with different purposes and functions. Once you have chosen the site, familiarize yourself with it. Start with a few pre-departure posts in order to get into the swing of things. Record your thoughts, feelings and preconceptions about the trip ahead of you.
  2. Stay Motivated. Write about things you truly want to write about. You do not need to be nit-picky about every day details, just the ones that impact you the most. If you become bored with what you are writing, so will your readers, and you will slowly lose your motivation to write.
  3. Set a Schedule.  Pick a one or two days per week when you will write. If you wait too long or put off opportunities to create a new post, other interesting things will happen, and you will quickly fall behind. For most people this cycle of delays saps their motivation and marks the end of their blogging.
  4. Get Creative.  Writing your blog should be fun, — make it so. A blog is not an obligation, rather it will benefit your family and friends at home and yourself, especially later on when you would like to revisit your memories. Add pictures and some phrases you learned abroad for effect.
  5. Travel with a Notebook.  While traveling, use a notebook to jot down things that had happened on your weekend away. You could even write out a whole post while on the plane or killing time during an airport layover. Then when you return from your trip, you can easily pull together a blog, or just quickly copy over the previously hand-written one.
  6. Remember Your Family.  When traveling around the globe, it can be easy forgetting about your parents and family at home, not to mention how much they worry about you. So when they comment on your blogs, be sure to comment back.

Motivation is the key aspect of successfully updating your blog. Use these tips to keep going and develop a system of writing.

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