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Posted on August 19, 2011


Every smart traveler books their accommodations before they head to a new city. Luckily, for the high tech traveler there’s tons of online booking engines. This article will describe how to use to find a hostel suited to your needs and preferences while keeping accommodation costs low.

By Alex DiGregorio

While traveling, accommodations are the last thing you want to have to worry about. A perfect day of site seeing could be ruined when you check into your grimy, unkempt and overpriced hostel — or worse, an overpriced hotel.

Before you travel, book your hostel or hotel on This site is a great search and booking engine for accommodations in cities all over the world. It offers prices, reviews, detailed descriptions and feedback from past guests.

Hostelworld is a very reliable resource and it keeps staying within your budget easy with all of the price comparisons. Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Destination

On the home page you will find this search engine. Assuming no one has suggested a hostel to you, we will search a country and city.  Let’s do Barcelona, Spain. (Do not forget to add your date of arrival, number of nights and amount of people that are traveling with you).

Step 2: Comparing Accommodations
The next page that will come up will list all of the hotels an hostels in Barcelona, Spain.  You can sort this page by different perspectives, (such as availability, price, overall rating, or name).  This will allow you to filter out the hostels/hotels you are uninterested in.  Once you have narrowed it down to a few, click on each one for further details and reviews from past guests to help make your final decision.  Let’s choose my favorite hostel, Sant Jordi Arago.

This is the second page you will encounter, and how you can sort your searches.

Step 3: Reviewing the Accommodations

Once you click on the desired hostel, something similar to the picture above will come up.  A short description of the hostel will be present, as well as pictures of the hostel, and other tabs to choose from such as Rates, Maps, Directions, Reviews, and Facilities. Look through these to ensure that you are interested in what they have to offer, if the location appeals to you, and if the reviews intrigue you.

Sant Jordi Arago Hostel Listing

Step 4: Booking Rooms
Now that you and your friends have chosen Sant Jordi as the hostel that appeals the most to you, it is time to book the rooms. If you scroll down on the already opened page of Sant Jordi, you will see beneath all of the information there is a booking engine available. It shows the dates that you had previously chosen for arrival, up to your ending date. You can again tweak the filters here to change to the currency you will be paying with. If you look at the picture below, you can see how if you hover over a specific room type and date, it will tell you how many beds are available, so you can plan accordingly.

Once you have entered in the appropriate information, (what room type and how many guests) the below picture will change accordingly:

Step 5: Paying for Your Stay

After clicking the “Book Now” button, the payment page will appear:

The payment is very user-friendly; you can change the currency options.

Then you fill out the allotted information to hold your reservations:

Followed by payment information:

The following options are also offered:

And your accommodations are booked!

Hopefully after this step-by-step tutorial you have become more comfortable and familiar with  A little bit of research is always required before booking accommodations in order to find the cheapest and best fit for you and your travels, but when used correctly this site will save you time and money.

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