Save Your Travel Cash: Drink Tap Water!

Posted on September 6, 2011


Why pay €2 for bottled water during your travels when you can get it for free? Drinking tap water can save you lots of travel dough, and with the exception of Eastern Europe, it’s perfectly safe.

By Gina Mussio

Hostels, hotels, cafes and any public restroom are perfect for filling up your bottle, and cities like Rome, Venice, and Paris are famous for their extensive system of fountains. In Venice alone there are 122 water fountains scattered throughout the city that dispense fresh cold drinking water, many of which are centuries old. Just steer clear of fountains that say “non-potable,” and of course don’t consume water if it isn’t clear.

Tap Water In Restauarants

In many countries, including Italy, many restaurants don’t allow customers to order free tap water, but you can always ask. Some will concede, others won’t. In the U.K. free tap water is the norm.

Always Double Check for Safety

Before you visit a new country, always double check for tap water safety. Wikitravel is a great resource for these general travel-related questions. Just search the country of interest and scroll down the article until you reach the section on food and water.


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