Do I need a visa?

Posted on September 12, 2011


It’s not always clear whether you need a special visa to visit a new country. And if a visa is required, it can be tricky to go through the process to get one. Sometimes you have to mail your passport to a special visa agency and pay a fee. Other times you can register online or visit an embassy in person. And in many cases, you can simply show up at the border or an airport with a valid passport.

Fortunately we have the perfect free resource to solve your visa woes. Project Visa is an online database that stores visa information for every country you might consider visiting.

A quick search reveals, for any particular country, which foreign nationalities require (or don’t require) a special visa, how much that visa costs, and the process required to get one. You can also find out how long you can travel within the country with each type of visa (tourist, study, business, etc.).

Using Project Visa is easy. Use the drop down on the main page to select your country of interest, and it will bring you to a new page with all the visa information you need to plan your trip.

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