10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Italy

Posted on September 18, 2011


Our friends at Global Grasshoppers have outlined the 10 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Italy. If you’re studying in Italy make sure you don’t miss out on these gems before you travel to other countries!

Sicily's gorgeous coast

It’s amazing how many Italians opt not to go abroad for their holidays. When I taught English in Rome I used to ask my students why they didn’t visit other countries. They simply replied: “Why would we? We have incredible culture, the best beaches and mountains to go skiing in the winter!” Italy is undoubtedly beautiful and I feel privileged to have spent 3 years of my life there. It’s a unique country where you are just as likely to find beauty in a quiet cobbled backstreet or a traditional trattoria than in its stunning beaches or extraordinary countryside. Using my experience of living in Italy I have compiled a list of ten places I feel are worth visiting. Some will be obvious, others maybe not so….Read Full Article Here.

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