London’s Great Gorilla Run

Posted on September 18, 2011


Ready, Set, Go! This article provides information about the Great Gorilla Charity Fun Run that occurs in London every year. The money raised goes towards saving endangered Gorillas around the world. For information on getting to London to watch or to take part in this event, read on.

By Kristen Sandstrom

Gorilla Invasion

For all of you good hearted, run-aholics, who enjoy a good laugh every now and then, check out the Great Gorrilla run on the 24th of September. For one whole day starting at 10:30, London’s streets are filled with participants walking and running while donning a great gorilla costume. The best part is that participants can keep their costumes. Forever.

A Good Cause

For all you study abroad-ers, your charitable soul need not stray just because you are living on the other side of the pond. The Great Gorilla run has taken place since 2003 and the funds raised go towards saving mountain gorillas that are facing extinction. Even if you don’t want to participate, you can make a small donation. There are only 720 of these gorillas remaining in the wild! If the precious face below doesn’t make you want to lace up your sneaks, then I don’t know what will.

Hilarity Ensues

Just like Barbie, Gorillas have themes too. These include but aren’t limited to Darth Vader Gorilla, Ballerina Gorilla, Shiver Me Timbers Gorilla and Beach Party Gorilla. You will see gorilla costumes of all kinds trekking along the 7km route that passes notable sites such as the Tate Modern and the Tower Bridge.  Those who don’t participate in the run get to check out the interesting scene while wandering the amazing city of London.

About to make a graceful finish

Sign Me Up!

If funds allow you to take part in this hilarious day, you need to sign up solo or with a team. For new runners, it costs 80 pounds and you need to be sponsored by others as well. And don’t worry for those of you who plan on enjoying the race from the sidelines– People flock from all over to visit London and check out the race. If you aren’t living in London and would like to get there, check out for great deals on roundtrip flights and for some great hostels.

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