Too Sexy for My Shirt: A Traveler’s Fashion Guide

Posted on October 4, 2011


This article provides some basic tips that will keep you comfortable (and stylish) during your travels abroad. It also highlights some easy-to-adopt styles that will help you fit in with those hip and trendy Europeans.

By Alyssa LaFaro

Stay Classy and Comfortable

  • Walk the walk. Anytime you travel, you walk constantly. High heels are not an ideal day-to-day option. Optimal walking shoes are sneakers or Sperry Topsiders’ loafers. Sperry’s have gotten me through many trips abroad, and they look nice with almost any outfit. Regardless of your choice, remember to never  break in a new pair of shoes during your trip – your feet will be very unhappy.
  • Weather wear.Plan ahead for the weather and take note of changing seasons. Research the need for boots, jackets, warm layers and rain gear. Being prepared will save you time as well as money, as you won’t have to do any impulsive emergency shopping.
  • Mad money safety.An easy way for women to carry money and personal belongings is by investing in a cross-body purse. Vera Bradley makes two very cute hipster options. Many other brands also make cross-body bags, such as Coach and Fossil, allowing you to keep your belongings safe in a stylish way. Men might want to consider investing in cross-body backpacks. They provide a lot of room for storage and are unlikely to be snatched by passing mopeds.
  • Be a classy cat.Both women and men should include a nice pair of pants (or two) because oftentimes religious institutions and museums require legs to be covered. Women should also look into packing a light cardigan or shawl, as their shoulders may also need to be covered. Long skirts, dresses, and capris can get more than one use with different outfits, and they are an easy way to stay cool and covered up. Avoid short skirts and shorts, too much makeup, and tops that reveal a lot of cleavage—you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention. Men can stay snazzy, yet comfortable by packing a few short-sleeve polos and dark jeans.
  • Don’t make it rain. Don’t bring expensive jewelry or anything with personal value. Only bring jewelry you wouldn’t be upset to lose. There is a lot of cute (and reasonably priced) costume jewelry that you can bring along instead. This goes for men, too—no expensive watches!

What’s hot and what’s not in Europe

  • Leather is better. Leather jackets and bags are trendy in Europe. Leather not only looks good, but it’s practical as it resists drizzling rain. Note: Leather can be very expensive in Europe not only because of its popularity, but because a lot of leather products are handmade there. Try to bring something you already have or go the faux leather route.
  • Scarves. Not only do they keep your neck warm, but they make a fashion statement. Bring at least one scarf that’s weather-appropriate and goes with the majority of your outfits.
  • Peace out, flower child. Floral designs are very popular, especially in dresses.
  • Tie yourself down. Men’s ties from top fashion designers (or knock-offs) are in style.

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