10 Travel Essentials Every Traveller Should Know About

Posted on October 12, 2011


We support spontaneity 100%.

Despite this, we think that travel is the best when you’re aware and know all the tips and tricks before hand, so you save yourself time and money. The Global Grasshopper Blog highlights ten travel tips that will help you get from A to B without any hassles . Read the full article here.

Global travel is the experience of a lifetime; it gives you a chance to step outside your comfort zone, learn about new countries, cultures and people and probably have a lot of fun along the way. Although travelling independently can also be very challenging, especially when travelling for longer periods of time. Being efficient when surrounded by foreign culture and language can be a daunting and can result in ‘travel stress’

Here are 10 items I think every traveler should know about which will hopefully save you precious travel time, money and convenience. I personally would never leave home without them.


What are your “essential travel tips?” Share them with us in the comments section below!