The New York Times: 36 Hours in Marrakech

Posted on October 19, 2011


The streets of Marrakech come alive with vendors, color, music and the hustle and bustle of crowds on a daily basis. Don’t miss out on the exotic feel of this amazing city just because it lies outside of European Borders. This article from the New York Times by Seth Sherwood covers in detail how you can make the most out of a short weekend in Marrakech, Morocco.

EVERY generation, Westerners find new reasons to go gaga forMarrakesh. For Edith Wharton and Winston Churchill, the draw was medieval Islamic architecture and rugged mountainous landscapes. For the globetrotting hippies of the woozy “Marrakesh Express” days, the appeal lay in “charming cobras” and “blowing smoke rings,” to quote Crosby, Stills and Nash. These days, with Marrakesh emerging as the center of North Africa’s style and night life, everyone from Julia Roberts to Naomi Campbell has threaded through its labyrinthine old lanes in search of celebrity chefs, opulent spas and designer boutiques. Indeed, for many of Europe’s jet set playgrounds — Ibiza discos, Riviera beach clubs, Paris hotels — a Marrakesh outpost is now de rigueur.

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