Five Rules of Mobility for Travelers

Posted on October 26, 2011


We here at SnoworSand are a company of backpackers who have experienced the pains and the joys of traveling with our most valued electronics. Sometimes its best to go without, but when that’s not possible, our friends at 52nd & West have some helpful suggestions for you:

Any mobile worker would have to travel and work with its own environment but would also be able to adapt to any environment. Here are the 5 golden rules to keep in mind before going to a travel I learned in 2009. It’s probably a reminder to most of the reader of this blog … but also a good way to go back to the basic.

Size matters

Being mobile implies to deal with the size and the weight of objects the mobile worker would have to carry. And sometimes, being a mobile worker could be just really painful for your back (or your bag … or your pocket). For example, a cool and ultra new smartphone could be really a fantastic tool, yet not easy to fit in your pocket. Sometime, the latest gizmo isn’t the best solution.
Of course, laptops are probably the biggest concern regarding the size. Since the rise of netbooks, they now are a good answer with very compact size. If laptops and netbooks become really small these days, it’s not always the case for the charger, though …

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What are your personal “rules of mobility?” Dispense some travel advice in the comments section below!