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Spain’s Wave Garden

October 28, 2011


Looking to improve your surf technique without worrying about weather conditions? Check out the new wave garden in San Sebastian: “Wavegarden’s cutting edge technology allows for the creation of a broad and customisable range of authentic surfing waves in a safe and natural environment. This cost effective and environmentally friendly wave generation technology is now […]

Five Rules of Mobility for Travelers

October 26, 2011


We here at SnoworSand are a company of backpackers who have experienced the pains and the joys of traveling with our most valued electronics. Sometimes its best to go without, but when that’s not possible, our friends at 52nd & West have some helpful suggestions for you: Any mobile worker would have to travel and […]

10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Spain

October 21, 2011


They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I doubt however, that many would disagree that Spain offers its visitors some of the most aesthetically appealing views in Europe. Before you journey to Espanga, take a look at some of these breathtaking suggestions brought to you by our friends at Global Grasshopper; […]

Five Most Beautiful Attractions in Istanbul

October 20, 2011


Istanbul is falling under the radar of travelers everywhere as a fascinating and beautiful place to visit. Once home to four different empires, Istanbul boasts a history unlike any other. It’s colorful streets and intricate mosques are a must see for any traveler. Global Grasshopper highlights the best of this wonderful city. The ancient city […]

The New York Times: 36 Hours in Marrakech

October 19, 2011


The streets of Marrakech come alive with vendors, color, music and the hustle and bustle of crowds on a daily basis. Don’t miss out on the exotic feel of this amazing city just because it lies outside of European Borders. This article from the New York Times by Seth Sherwood covers in detail how you […]

10 Travel Essentials Every Traveller Should Know About

October 12, 2011


We support spontaneity 100%. Despite this, we think that travel is the best when you’re aware and know all the tips and tricks before hand, so you save yourself time and money. The Global Grasshopper Blog highlights ten travel tips that will help you get from A to B without any hassles . Read the full article […]

First Google Store Opens in London

October 11, 2011


Headed to London anytime soon? Stop in and check out the new Google Store, modeled after Apple’s success. It sells the Google Chromebook Notebook which run on the Chrome operating system. Our friends at SpotCoolStuff wrote all about it in the article below. Read the full article here. Welcome to the Chrome Zone. That’s not […]